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CityVille Game Indicators Infos.

Game Indicators: What is what?

A: Its your neighbors list. Here you can view their names, current levels, you can even visit their City through this section.

B: Build Menu, From here you can buy in-game stuffs, which i will discuss later. (Click here to see)

C: Cursor view menu: From here you can choose normal cursor to do CityVille Activities. Rotate option to rotate buildings etc. Move option to move in-game stuffs. Remove option to delete from your city.

D: It shows your Franchise, Inventory & collections.

E: This indicates your Current Level & XP points, when xp points fills up, you will reaches the next level.

F: Goods Indicator. From here you can understand the current state of your goods. (Goods needed for supply to your shops)

G: Your Energy meter. keep an eye on it. If you of energy, you can't perform the task. It refiles in every minutes.

H: This indicates your CityVille Cash. You can buy exclusive item through it. It's Hard to get, so use it wisely.

I: CityVille Coins, here you can see your all coins, buy items, by spending it, earnings through City will add to this.

Hope now you can fully utilize the features of CityVille.


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