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CityVille Baseball: Build & Recruit! (Tutorial)-Toughest challenge of CityVille Game Till Date!

BASEBALL: The quest to baseball team continues...

This is the 3rd installment of Baseball mission: Build & Recruit!
Here i suffered a lot! Why? well increasing the population to 4000 is not a matter of joke! you need (at least for me...) lot of coins & space to complete this task. Probably this is the toughest quest till now! You need multiple expansions to complete this task, its not all you need, in total few hundred thousand coins!!!

Mission in brief!

Place Baseball Stadium.
Finish Stadium.
Reach a population.

Yo Yo! Just read next! You need 50,000 coins for your Baseball stadium!
its not it, you need a wide space to place the stadium. Need 40 building parts 8x(building, city seal, gold plating, Ribbon, Marble)

Now if you have near about 3000 population then its pretty good news for you! If not; you have to work really hard! Now the (possible) first step is save your coins to increase expansion, Oh! If your city population Cap is below 4000, then you have to buy a community building. Now here what i have used on my city, i keep saving my coins till 70,000, yup a whooping 70,000, then i was good to go! I first bought an expansion (12x12) then the baseball stadium (increases pop cap to 1500). See here is my strategy; i had to buy this baseball stadium later on for the ongoing quest, so to increase the city population cap i used the mission. So guys i increased my pop cap for FREE!!

Now the quest is on again! Save coins...

Saved a bit (say 20,000+) & bought an expansion, again & again, in total i bought 4 expansions to complete the quest. The need of expansion is hidden criteria of the quest, as you have to place more & more houses to increase your population.

In a nut shell you need: Expansion(s) for the additional spaces require for additional houses.
Buy buildings to increase your population (your target is 4000).
last but not the least, you need to save & use your coins/Energies wisely.

For me i was very expensive quest:

Baseball Stadium: 50,000
4 Expansion costs: 20,000x4=80,000
almost 22 new houses @2500: 55,000
Total (approx): 1,85,000 coins.

Mission reward: 100 goods.

(Quick Tip: buy the Terraced Brownstone, its the most effective house of the City Ville game.)

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