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CityVille Hospital: Build A Hospital (Tutorial) Zynga CityVille Game

Well if you are ready to spend a huge amount of money to complete this task then go ahead...just kidding...
As you all know just 3days back zynga cityville resumed their missions for the players...though no new level beyond 60 yet! (Shew it's been quite a few days now for me!) but at least we have something to on this game quest you need to build a Hospital! More details below.

Governor Phil is back with a demand to build a Hospital.

Zynga CityVille Game quests:

a) BUILD a Hospital.
b) Collect 3 times from the Hospital.

Here is how you can complete this task. Just go to your build menu, followed by the Community tab, here you can purchase it by spending 40,000 coins (for me its a good investment, as it gives you 1300 population cap increase). Actually i bought it a couple of weeks back, as i knew some day, for some quest like this i will have to buy it, so i used my coins wisely, which is important.

As always you need certain parts to build the hospital like City Seal, Gold Platting, Marbles etc. when you have all, just click finish building.

Now the reicky part, Zynga game maker are very wise, so they launched such quests that would defiantly take at least 2-3 days to complete. In this case you will have to wait 3 days as you need to collect from Hospital 3 times.

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