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CityVille New Mission Build Central Park: Compete Guide

Mission (quest) CENTRAL PARK!!!

Personally when i have completed the Winter Wonderland the new pop up comes up to my screen, Ms Ruth, the million dollar queen informed me that, "I may be rich now, But i'm still crazy about Parks, Pigeons & People too!"
Now she informed you that you have to do few things for her! (remember you have to keep her smile intact as you are running for the Capital City move). Now on this mission you have to do 3 separate things such as:

#1) 5 Shade Trees.
#2) 10 Flower Patches.
#3) 10 Sidewalks.

Now how much this mission cost you, a small brief...

5 Shade Trees cost you 5x50= 250 coins.
10 Flower Patches 10x50=500 coins.
10 sidewalks 10x20 = 200 coins.

In total 250+500+200=950 coins. You have to spend 950 in total to complete this mission.

Compete this task gives you 200 coins as rewards, so total net spending for this mission is 950-200=750 coins.

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