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CityVille New Mission of Zynga CityVille: Build a Fire Station

Just few hours back Zynga CityVille launched a new mission regarding CityVille Game. They call it 'New Fire Station' Here is how you can complete this task.

zynga cityville game: pictures of a fire station of the game.
The quest is pretty simple & at least for me its such a relief, as i have something to do without that stupid farming * collecting rent.

You need to build a Fire Station for which you need 3 of the following goals to be completed,

a) Have a 'Fire Station' in your city.
b) Collect from Fire Station.
c) Ask friends for 12 fire axes.

worlds number one social gaming provider zynga cityville

As you may know already that you can buy the raw structure of the station for 30,000 coins from Community Building menu.

Now after placing you need 9 clicks/energies to complete the task. after that to finish the station, you need to collect the necessary parts such as marbles, ribbons, building grants etc. See the picture below...

You need 24 long hours to complete this task, as the second part is collect rent from that, so wait till station is ready.

For the last part, ask your friends to give you 12 axes.

zynga cityville (social gaming) picture
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