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CityVille New Releases on CityVille (Zynga) Game (10.1.2011)

New Announcements from Zynga (CityVille):

On 10th January Zynga Community releases a note regarding few changes regarding on game issues.

Here are those...

Errors when accepting gifts
The following two error codes have been changed to be more descriptive as follows:
  1. G-01 error (players saw this when having several tabs open while accepting gifts and thereby clicking on the same one twice) will now read "You're already claimed this gift"
  2. G-03 error (players were seeing this one when accepting the same gift twice, first through the ZMC then through facebook requests) will now read "Sorry, you've already claimed this reward".
Each gift can only be accepted once.

Game freezing when activating the ZMC
Fixed the issues that cased the game to freeze when opening the ZMC

Now you can ask gifts more than once from a friend of yours, so a good news for the players who are having very few neighbors.

There are more new things to explore: Zynga released 2 houses Glass Condos & Atrium Lofts. There is a new business also, just open your build menu followed by the business tab to see...

More new release soon...

Info credit: Zynga Cityville Forum


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