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CityVille Place Decoration (Arboretum) to Earn more (Tutorial)

Arboretum!! Sound familiar??? Should be, as this is just an awesome decoration of CityVille game, why? Just check the picture below to know why?

As you can see One Single piece of Arboretum increases 16% (each) payouts of businesses nearby! Yup a whooping (16x4=64%) increase in the payout with that same old energies.

Here is a small example: I have a Italian Restaurant giving me 645 coins with one single energy, now i just placed a Arboretum & few others (Bird Fountain is one of them) & now it gives me 842 coins. Now just calculate how much is the increase...

852-645=207 (32%) increase!!! Is it great!!!

Many of the experts says its the best possible decoration available in CityVille, & just placing more than one Arboretum you earn double of that...

See the picture below to see the optimum use of Arboretum, This guy increases the payout by 231%...

(Image credit: Zynga Forums)

So just spend 1000 coins to buy one and place it nearby of your most effective business to earn more. Move away all the unnecessary houses from your effective businesses & place one (or more than one) of this cool decoration.

Hope you enjoy this treat, more very soon, till them share this with your friends. If you have any better strategies then share with us.
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