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CityVille Doctor Series: #6-Doc's Date Plan-2nd Date (Sheperd's Date with Louise)-Zynga CityVille

Remember Dr. Sheperd?!! He is back & truly The Season Of Love begins...He & Miss Louise are having their second date!! What you have to do read below...
a) Have a French Restaurant.
b) Have three Orchids. (Collectible)
c) Collect from a French Restaurants 3 times.

Pretty easy huh! I have already published how to build a French Restaurant (See here). As I am taken this quest half done, so i don;t think anyone having this far, without completing Chef Andre's quest.

Having 3 Orchids is easy, see you collectibles, if you don't have enough, ask through your wishlist.
Last part of the quest asks you to collect 3 times, well to do so, you need to supply 110 goods to it, so in total you need 330 goods.
Done! Reward...2 energies.
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