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CityVille Peas-Full Harvest Quest Of Zynga Cityville (Tutorial)

We play Social Games for fun, Zynga CityVille is no exception! But few of the time these fun-games can give you trouble! Why! Read this quest & complete this. It will take test to your Patience.
Rita Comes up with a Festival info, that's right a Festival! Pea you need to harvest 20 peas for her during this game quest.
Know if you play CityVille Game wisely then you should read this (or from elsewhere) about this quest & harvest 20 Peas already; as you know it takes 3.1 days to grow up. Now don't need to be disappointed, i have a perfect solution for you regarding this.

If you just about to plant the peas & not at all interested to wait 3.1 days, then you need to show your game skills & social references. Ask Ask & Ask...your friends to water them...each time they gives it water the time of harvests reduced by few hours...I myself done this quest under 1.5 days, just by asking my neighbors to water them & help them to grow...
I guess this will help you just like me.
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