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CityVille Rita's Supply to Capital City (Tutorials) Zynga-CityVille

Playing game online is fun, isn't it? Zynga is one of the biggies of Social gaming, but i wonder why they create few long enough quests...just like this. Just to keep us busy? May be, but if you follow my tutorials about CityVille regularly then you should know about the strategy i follow...WHAT STRATEGY??? Well its a simple YET effective one...Keep an eye on this site to know about your future quest, if they are long enough to complete, plan early, & Voila!!!
Never mind...on this quest you have to do...

a) Harvest 10 Cranberries.
b) Harvest 10 Wheat.
Cranberries takes 12 hours & Wheat 2.1 Days. As I keep saying plan early, finish with a blink of an eye...if not then wait...but hey you can ask you neighbors to help you out, by watering the plants...each time they water them, they grow faster.
Reward 200 coins from Rita.
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