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CityVille Warehouse Have Arrived in Zynga CityVille (Complete Tutorial)

Yesterday, Feb 4th late evening I saw the arrival of New Warehouse in CityVille. To be very honest, I am very happy, as many of the unused items are occupies my City space & now i can move them to warehouse.

Samantha shows up & informed that now you can store your decorations in the warehouse!
Here is the full details...

a) Have a stuffed Warehouse place in your city.
b) Have one decoration placed inside of it.
Open your inventory & place it on your desired place, then you need 10 energies to complete the building. Now to Staff Zynga played a wise role, they first ask you for 3 staffs, to complete it (which is good for small neighbors player's), then you need 12 more for the second phase.
After you have done with it, place any one decoration item inside it, now click on arrow button, you can now see a logo of warehouse, click on it to activate, now click on any item to store it.
Reward 50 Coins.
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