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CityVille Capital Business-Mansions & Hotel Suites (Tutorial)

Remember Edger, The Rich Man! He is back again...well personally i don't like this man, as whenever he shows up, he forced me to spend lots of money, which i don't like. This time he is instructing you that you need more hotels & mansions in your city, if you wanna be a rich capital city.
Mission in brief...

a) Have 2 Mansions in your city.
b) Have 2 Hotel suites in your city.
Here is a trick I played, as you can see the next mission of Edger (Click here) that he wants you to collect rents from the mansions & hotels 10 times, so I placed them way before, so that, I can take the advantage of it. but the bug says! I need 3 MANSIONS! So I had to buy another one...

Cost of Mansions is 15,000 coins (you need 2)
Cost of Hotel is 12,500 coins (you need 2)

In total you need to spend, a whooping 55,000 coins to complete this quest.
Reward, 100 Goods.

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