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CityVille Clerk's Office (How To Build Tutorial)

Hi all, Welcome again! I know its been a long time since I updated you all, but Good news is I'm Back!!!

Today I am gonna show you all the very interesting inclusion of Zynga CityVille, The Clerk's Office. It's just not an ordinary office as after completing this, you can rename your franchise as well as City. Here is a catch, I have seen many people named their city as **** Town...I mean com'on Zynga announced that it will be a CITY of your dreams...but when you just started the game, it was a mere many named **** Town...or such, later keep saying Oh! Gosh!! So Zynga has a solution for you now! Read how to complete this.

Sam informed you that you have a Clerk's office in your inventory, & it's time to place it....After you placed it, you need to hit that 6 times to finish the construction, but Hey Yeah! It's not over yet, you need 15 parts to complete this task...such as...

(Visor, City Seal, Ink Pad, Manila Folder & Marble)X3...

If I'm not wrong then you have marbles & City you need to ask the rest 3 items. Here is a twist...Don't know it's a bug or what, I had many of them, accepted, but they never appeared on my inventory, so it took a couple of days to complete this task.

Now you can click on the Clerk's Office to open it, rename if you want...Happy City Dwelling ;)


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