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CityVille Upgrade Police Station: A Complete Step By Step Guide

Almost a month back Zynga CityVille Informed us about the Police & Bandits its finally here...with a Bang!!!

Now, players have the opportunity to upgrade their Police Station, but they will have to request from their friends five different items to complete it.

You need: 5 of them each...

Outfit, Badge, Whistle, Ball & Chain & Siren...just ask these from your friends or help them to get one (It's a nice & FAST (Cleaver) idea to get them all. Yup another quick tip: Check out your Facebook Wall...if you see someone sharing it, grab it right away!

Now! After you got all 25 items (pretty hard ones huh!) You are now on Level 2 of the Police Station...Now you can catch the bandits while harvesting from your businesses...go store planty of goods & supply it to your businesses.

To upgrade from Level 2 to Level 3 you need to catch 10 bandits in total among them are
Types of Bandits to Capture:

  • Billy the Bandit
  • Meowing Marauder
  • Couture Criminal
  • Pie-faced Pete
  • Mommy and Clyde
  • The Heartbreaker
Oh! By the way! If you have enough Cash then see this:

Police Station Upgrade Requirements:
  • Level 3: Capture 10 Bandits or 60 City Cash
  • Level 4: Capture 30 Bandits or 120 City Cash

Now one last thing about the you can see it on the picture, on Level 3 You'll receive a petrol car & on Level 4 You'll be awarded with a SWAT Van kinda van.

To keep you Two petrol cop awake keep asking donuts or the culprits will escape from you sleeping cops.

Have fun & If you have anything to share, tell us via Comment below...

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