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CityVille Already overtaken Frontier Ville, Now it's Time for Farm Ville

CityVille increases its level to 60 after an overwhelming responses from it's Fans. The game is still under one month now but looking forward to over run Frontier ville (10,743,372 Players) with 2,796,831 Players.
According to AppData, CityVille (54,724,821) has already taken the lead from Frontier Ville (31,057,938) as per Monthly Active Users. Farm Ville is still leading the race with 56,631,948 MAU.

Now you have to wait and watch (oops i mean Play!) when CityVille overtake the vey popular Farm Ville. It's time, we should ask another question: What could this mean for FrontierVille and FarmVille? Well If we know Zynga!

Then they won't go anywhere soon! But according to me is Which game will be leading the race of Social Gaming in the near Future?

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