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CityVille Captain Rusty's Trip to Americas...The Guide

Yahoo! Another new mission & another time to hit the sea! This time just not neighboring Australia or China, it's beyond that...

This time you have to sail through the salty water. The mission is divided into 3 parts

A) New York
B) Rio De Jeniro
C) San Francisco

but the real trick is you can achieve this goal you have spend either 5000 coins to build a second pier (i guess, you can't parked more than 5 boats at once with a pier). Now a nice piece trick:

Send 4 ships to San Fra...first (its only 5 minutes trip, so just finish it first.)

then if you have 8 ships to sail send them all at once. If not; send at least 4 ships to NYC. it takes 18 long hours. so set the time properly.

Now the last part of the longest of them all...a trip to Rio...the samba will take 2.1 days so...once they hit the sea, forget for a couple of days...

All done?

Have Fun!

If you have any problem just ask me as comment...
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