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CityVille Mission: How to Become Capital City

Zynga's new game CityVille is gaining popularity day by day! currently its the number one social networking game of the world. They are including news missions each day. Here is one of them...

Mission: Become Capital City of the State:

Well this mission is quite lengthy if you doesn't have few of the essential requirements; such as, Expansion permits, lots of coins, good analytical skills & most importantly Time!

Here is how you achieve this goal...

At the first step the pop up comes to you that Your city is being considered as the new potential Capital of the state, Now just after you finished the Sea Port this pop up comes to you!

I know is getting interesting day by day! during the game play suddenly this mission comes as Governor Phil informs you that "moving the Capital to a new city is on the ballot"

Followed by the mission details:

Have 2,000 Population.

Have 6 expansions.

(Now its up to you to make these things done!)

I mean its simple, you need 20,000 x 3 = 60,000 coins (assuming you have at least 3 expansions already) & 15 expansion permits.

In my opinion if you have already 2 expansions nearby sea; then this new expansions should be place on proper land. The reason behind this is you have to build Community houses, residential houses, businesses, roads etc to increase your population.

Hope you will cross this hurdle soon!
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