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CityVille How To Play #5: 10 Amazing Strategies to increase your level

Top 10 Amazing Tips of CityVille!

Guys as we all know that CityVille is the new numero uno game of Zynga, so its very essential now to get an early
advantage of the game to move up to the ladder, so that when your best friend, relatives or even your lover start playing then you can show off or even guide them. I have talked with few of my Facebook Friends about their strategies and accumulates all just for you! So without further ado here is how:

1) Place your city roads to the outer borders & make big squares to save spaces.

2) Use a reasonable place for your corps (this will give you goods)

3) Place Businesses as much as possible, they generates good number of coins.

4) Use your expansion wisely! try to place nearby sea as you need to build sea port after becoming Mayor!

5) Build Franchise on your neighbor's cities, (quick tip: chances are high to build a franchise on a newly born city!)

6) Use your Train & Ships for importing/exporting Goods!

7) Visit your neighbor's City to gain Energy! & Coins!

8) Try to build large building as residential buildings to save valuable space.

9) plant corps of right amount & time as per your requirements! say you need to go out; so plant such corps that takes more than one hour!

10) LAST but not the least, it depends on how many hours you play a day! more hours = more activities = more xp = more higher levels!

Have Fun!

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Anonymous said...

what exactly are capital endorsements and how can one send them to friends?

Admin said...

To Complete the task where you need Capital Endorsements, you have to ask Capital Endorsements from your friends, they can only send this thing, from the wall link, it's not available on your gift page.

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