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CityVille How To Build Sea Port (Tutorial)

CityVille Sea Port!

The new mission is to build a sea port along side of your newly build city! Goal is little tricky as you need enough coins as well as zonal permits to complete this task. Here is How...

First there is an in-game pop up comes up that Captain Rusty is in the town, so after becoming the new Mayor this is a new challenge.

The Goals you have to achieve are buy two new extensions for your city (along with sea); for that you need 20,000x2 = 40,000 coins plus total 6 zonal permits.

If you have these you are ready to go!

The next goal is you have to build a PIER & a BOAT...

You can buy a pier construction from Shipping menu with 5000 coins, place that nearby sea, hit that pier 10 times (10 energies) to complete the task. Buy a boat by 100 coins to complete the task.

After all set you are good to go!!! Rusty gives you a Thank You Gift with 100 goods boxes.

Click on any boat to set a tour.

Have fun. If you have any problem regarding this tutorial ask me through comment.
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Anonymous said...

ok i now have 3 expansions along the sea, but for some reason i don't have the Sea port or Build a Pier goal option available to me and the buy a pier option is disabled as its saying Complete the Sea Port goal. is there any way of getting this goal re-activated on my cityville ?

p.s it aint showing in my hidden goal options either

phil.white1 said...

mine is the same

Anonymous said...

everyone.. i cant find sea port.. please help me... :(

Anonymous said...

same here..level 33 i have the city port already 4 expansions and 5roads..but yet the piers are all locked..WTF..

Anonymous said...

Did anyone find a reason the pier isnt coming up. I have gone over all the quest and not seeing it. I cant do a bunch of other quest since its still locked. what a bunch of bs. Glad I decided to wait to buy anything for this game.

Phatazz said...

I finally got the "Become Mayor" quest to come up which is the one right before "The New Seaport" goal. I am already at level 47. Make sure to keep completing goals and placing the rewards. It appears to be just a backlog of quests that need to be completed before it comes up.

Anonymous said...

The pier will come eventually... just have to keep completing goals and it will come after the become a mayor goal

Anonymous said...

I accidentally deleted my bakery. By doing so I had to redo the upgrade bakery challenge to get elected mayor and finally got the seaport as a result. This may also be the case if you bakery is in storage.

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