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CityVille Zynga increases CityVille's Inventory Limit to 500 Items

Good News on the eve of Christmas!!

If you have long list of neighbors on your CityVille, then you were probably facing inventory shortage problem, now due to holiday season, requirements of more inventory spaces, so from the initial space of 100 they have increased to 250 last week. now due to holiday tree quest the players main concern was shortage of inventory.

Zynga earlier this week increased this limit from 250 to 500 to satisfy the players. It will be more than enough space for any player to collect all possible gifts, bonuses and collectible items. If still you think its not enough, redeem few of your collectibles to make some space.

One thing is for real, that Zynga is too desperate & too determined to project this CityVille Game to their audiences as the possible Best Social Networking Game. For your info. CityVille already beaten Farm Ville as the most playing game of the ongoing month.
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