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CityVille How To Unwrap Presents from Your Holiday Tree!

If you have opened CityVille by now then you must know by the in-game pop up about unwrapping holiday presents from your holiday tree. here is how you can do that...
to open the present, you need to click on the holiday tree, that will open a single present for you, click one single click to open a single gift, (say if you have 30 presents; click the tree 30 times to unwrap all)

No matter if you unwrap gifts before reaching 40 marker (as goal set), your progress will be same as earlier ( say you have 30 presents & unwrapped 20 presents, so to make 40 you need 10 more presents!)

As far as unwrapping; each time you do so comes up with a gift for you. Till now i have received few gifts such as:

* 1Xp

* 50 coins

* Plastic snowman.

* Individual square of Chocolate sidewalk. (i got two of them!)

* Panda Ice Sculpture.

* Hanging Flower

* 25Goods.

* 2+ Energy Refill.


I am sure their are more gifts to follow! Till then another quick note, all the gifts unwrapped, you can find them into you inventory! So open then and place them to nearby your Holiday Tree.

So keep asking for gifts! keep unwrapping them and decorate your City!

Once again! Merry Christmas!

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