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CityVille How To Become Mayor of your City


Few steps you have to follow to become the Mayor of your new city. here are those steps:

1) Start building small-Big Houses according to your budget. (Keep an eye to the income from your house, more often income is more better)

2) Build Municipal Buildings. For that you need your friends help. You need Building grants and other parts.

3) You need 1000 Population and collect 30 times collection from Businesses. So keep building building new houses.

4) You need the following Community buildings to keep your citizens happy!

City Hall (50), Post Office (50), Police (100), Emergency Clinic (200), Museum (300), Library (400), School (500). (Numbers) = Population Increases.

5) You need to build many businesses such as: Bakery, Kiosk, Cafe, Toy Store, Burger shop, Game Zone, Dinner, Cosmetics Store, Pool Hall, Bike Shop etc. (Choose your best options according to Cost and Income.)

6) Decorations: You have to place many decorations to attract new citizens as well as make your city more beautiful. Currently you have more than 30 options according to your budget.

7) One of the most important thing is building roads alongside Buildings, Community Buildings, Business Houses. so that citizens can easily reaches to your businesses & Houses.

Keep in mind save space as much as you can, ask your friends for help...

Just Follow these steps and become the new mayor of your city!

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