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CityVille How to Cover your City With SNOW: "Let it Snow" (New Mission)

If you were already started to collect holiday gift for you your holiday tree, then i have another good news for you to share! Zynga introduced another goal to turn your city into a 'Winter Wonderland'.
As per Sam, you have to ask your CV friends to give you 10 snow flakes & 10 snowballs. Alternatively you can buy both of these items with 20 CC (city cash); this will unlock a new decoration item called 'Snow Cover'.

With just 500 coins you can blanket your city's streets in snow (Warning: this task is irreversible, so you can't change it later). The streets will be free from snow automatically again from March 20th, 2011.

The 2nd part of the mission is you have to collect 15 Winter Lights. thus you can unlock another decoration item, 'Snow Top'. this will cover all the buildings & decorations in snow, which will also disappear in March next year.

So start asking now about all these items. If you have any problems regarding this, ask me as comment.
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