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CityVille 10 More Effective Tips to Increase City Ville Level in Rocket Speed!!!

Guys I am back with more awesome tricks to Increase your level in CityVille...
This is my second edition of such tips (read first here)
10 more effective tips to increase City Ville Level in Rocket Speed!!!
1. Increase your neighbors number (100+ would be better)
2. Keep asking gifts (as per your requirements) from your neighbors.
3. Keep an eye on your energy meter! If you are out of energy! Your are gone!!!
4. Keep helping others (thus you neighbors recognize you & would promptly help you)
5. You can earn quick coins by planting Strawberries & buys goods from San Fran...(how! you 15 goods for 20 coins in 5 mins, on the other hand Ship to San Fran gives you 19 goods for 25...ration is almost same) then when you have enough good supply to good businesses like Italian/French/Sea Food Restaurants...they pay you well.
6. keep you HQ away from the busy streets, they doesn't even require road connectivity, so place then at the furthest corner of your city!
7. When you need to increase the Population Cap, Take a look at the next possible mission buyout (Park Plaza, carousel, Baseball stadium etc), they will eventually increases you Pop Cap & completes a task you can increase your Pop Cap for FREE!!
8. Use your Zonal Permits wisely (Don't buy land near sea or the river below the city, they just waste the land)
9. Use every bit of your decorations nearby you businesses to earn extra bonuses.
10. Buy good houses such as Terraced Brownstone personal choice. It takes very small space, costing only 2500 coins pays you 150 coins in every 8 hours. Plus it increases by 70! so its a good choice i guess...

More nice & cool strategies next time! Till them share this news on facebook & Twitter & play CityVille.
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Anonymous said...

i cant open my pier... im now in level 52... I place 3 expansion near the sea and lay 3 roads... still can't open the pier... help me please....

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