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CityVille Tricks & Tips #1: How to Increase your level each hour

I have seen many of my neighbors already reached level 50+ on City Ville & wonder how they reached their so fast, even i am playing each day! Last night i was talking with my friends about their strategies, they have told me few awesome tricks (100% legal of course) & today i am going to reveal those tricks...

They have told me the first & most important trick is NEIGHBORS! more you have, more quickly you can up to the ladder. Why? Answer is simple...more gifts...more opportunity...
City Ville game tricks & tips to increase level real quick
here are few quick tips for you...

#1) Visit your neighbors them & earn cute hearts & coins.
(my tip: harvest their corps if possible, thus you can earn goods)

#2) If you aren't the Mayor yet; do follow quickly the goals on the left side bar of your screen.

#3) Place big size apartments only to save valuable city space. (in the early stages its important to save space)

#4) Ask for zonal permits often as its an important part to expand your city.

#5) Help your neighbors by sending gifts & don't forget to ask one for you.

#6) While placing the expansion don't forget to place one along with the sea (you need to build a sea port); rest properly place on land.

#7) Harvest corps right after they are fully grown. (Ask your friends to harvest them as you have to spend 1 energy to harvest each plot, they can do it with 0 energy!)

#8) Use your plots to grow Strawberry! its very effective to earn goods! (you have to spend 20 coins to get 15 goods in just 5 minutes by spending 1 energy!)

#9) Guide away ships (they get 25 coins, you get 30 min - 2hrs cut off
arrival time).

#10) Community Buildings (raise population cap), Storage Buildings (raise storage limit) and HQ buildings DO NOT HAVE TO BE CONNECTED to work! So you don't need to place roads along with HQ.

Hope you all like these tips. Use them to raise your level quickly. I am doing all of these tips & raising one level each hour.
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