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Cityville Send City Ville Ships to Europe (London, Paris & Rome)

City Ville Game new mission: "Sail The Far Atlantic"

The mission is simple enough you have to unload in total 12 from your boats. To do this you need to do 3 separate small goals.

#1) Unload 4 London Liners.

#2) Unload 4 Paris Parcels.

#3) Unload 4 Rome Relics.

To achieve this quickly you need to play wisely. All the routs are long enough, so if you don't have enough boats, you will have to wait up to 3 days to finish this game mission.
According to excited Captain Rusty! after the successful visits to Sydney, Shanghai, San Francisco, Rio De Janeiro & New York! It's Time for Europe (Europa!!!)

London trip takes 4 hours.

Paris trip will take 1 day (24 Hours)

Rome trip takes 3.1 days (73 Hours)

Its long enough huh!

Quick Tip: Send London first, after that Paris & then Rome! Remember to finish the shortest first! Now if you have more than 4 boats, then send Paris along with London!

Have fun! If you have any suggestion share with all the fans, as comment.

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