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CityVille 12X12 Expansion Costing 20000 coins: Is it even Worth That Much?

Is CityVille Expansion worth its cost?

In many forums, sites i have seen this burning topic so though to give my opinion. For me the answer is not in the early stages, as up to level 15 you have hardly enough coins to spend on such thing.
By spending 20,000 coins you can buy only a 12x12 space. which is too low as the total game payouts in the early stage is very low, but in the later stages when you have enough money & permits you hardly bother to spend this amount.

The only way to cover this thing is more & more neighbors. Zynga is forcing us to help each other more & more! Which according to me is pushing us to the limit. By adding more neighbors you can visit them more frequently, earn coins & xp.

I haver seen many of my own neighbors that they have plenty of coins, permits so they just keep expanding their city! So Just ask ALL your Facebook Friends to join the fun & add them as neighbors.
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