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CityVille How to build the Atmosphere of Italian Restaurant (Tutorial)

After you have created a "Little Italy" as per chef Lorenzo's request, now his news request is to build an Italian Restaurant in your city, you have to help him to build this restaurant. How? Read below...

Lorenzo infirmed you that he needs some confidence to build it so you need to give him the atmosphere of Italy! So you need to collect rent 20 times from the Terraced Brownstone houses.

Now here is the trick! You need at least 5 Terraced Brownstone houses to complete the goal quickly, i personally have almost 10. In the previous round Lorenzo asked you to build 4 Terraced Brownstone houses, so its not an issue to collect rents from them. Ya you have to wait 8 hours to get paid! that's a long time huh! So you need more number of Terraced Brownstone houses to get this mission complete quickly. (Personally i have collected 10 times from my Terraced Brownstone houses, at night, then again in the morning completed the rest).

In reward Lorenzo will give you 2 energies. If you have any problem regarding this mission, ask me as comment.
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