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CityVille: The Best way to Improve CityVille Levels

Its being a month for few thousand people who are waiting for new levels on Zynga's CityVille. Their are many website saying buy my guide on CityVille to earn lots of coins & increase levels in a rocket speed. For them i can say, i never used it, still i increased my level @of 4/day! So i guess it's well saved money for me ;)
I wonder how much they are effective & for what even people buying it. I mean com'on this is just a game, we play for fun! It's not like if you don't reach level 50 waiting 7days, Zynga will punish you...Few guys on the net keep spamming few guides saying it gives me 899,000,000 coins & bla bla...keep ignore them...why? Answer is simple...say, you are on a race, you & your family they all start running & you took the a car & by-pass then withing a few minutes & reaching the touchline...they might take few minutes to take them, till then you have to wait, missing all the FUN!! Yup FUN! For that only we play social games...that's why Zynga is so popular. Challenge yours self as well as friends, run neck to neck & enjoy!

All i can say i made this blog not to make money! for fun! I love Zynga social games & play them regularly, i use my analytical skills to analyse what's best for the game, share them with my friends...through this weblog i can share my strategies with you all. i hope you appreciate my effort Thanks!

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