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CityVille Is Zynga (CityVille) Going out of their Mind?

Zynga, the parent company of current worlds most online playing social game has going out of their mind or what? First they have launched CityVille with a huge marketing strategy, including it with all its already established games such as FramVille, Mafia Wars etc. Then When people start playing they have faced no such hurdles to move up on the ladder. Initially they have launched upto 60 levels on CityVille. Now when a player reached level 60 he/she doesn't have any new mission. For many players it's being a month since zero new updates.

Now frequently zynga is launching few new items, such as Landmark Buildings, houses etc, but just look at those prices, OMG! The are lunaticly HIGH! I mean a Atrium Lofts costing 7,50,000 coins & just wonder how much they accommodate...a whooping 170 citizens, & guess what? Just two place left you have House called Sprawling Mansion costing only 15,000, accommodating 140. Now just think, just to buy a building looks great (even its not unique, as millions other would buy the same building for sure) would you spend this much coins? I guess not...

Even the new Landmark Buildings costing 20,00,000 coins to allow 2000 new citizens to your city! Which is huge money. I mean without no new mission how Zynga CityVille team even expect us to gather this much coins to buy such buildings. I don't have any answer...Do you???

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Anonymous said...

It is my belief that they have made these buildings so very expensive to keep us working hard for them... because they don't have new goals for us. They're hoping us high-levelers will hang around, busting our butts for the new structures, dazzling us with a pretty sky-line while they get their brains together and create new missions... I hope they're creating new missions...

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