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CityVille Chef Andre's Build French Restaurant Quest 2 "Restaurant Food" (Tutorial)

Remember Chef Andre? The Optimist chef from France? Well for me it took more than a day to clear this mission, But just after it got over another Andre Mission was pops up on my screen...

Ah! At last the French Restaurant Food Quest!
Well this is just the second part of the Build a French Restaurant Mission. Here you have to collect 3 sets of collectible items...

#1) Carrot soup Collectible.
#2) Pie Collectible.
#3) Coffee Collectible.

Well Lucky me! Just after i opened to see what this mission was all about...they informed me with triple green tick marks that i have already collected all the requires items. Wow!

If its not in your case, then read further...

You need to harvest Carrots, collect coins from bakery's & Coffee Shops to unlock all the collectible items. Open your Collections menu (just above your inventory menu) see the required items for Carrot Collections...

Similarly you can ask all the items from your friends through WISHLIST! Its a nice way to collect things. Keep going.
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