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CityVille Captain Rusty's Deliver the Goods Quest (Mission #5 of Rusty)

Ah! At last The Captain Rusty's mission is over! Trip to Paris is such a boring thing (3.1 days!) [QUICK TIP: Ask your friends to guide your ships, that will reduce your arrival time by 2 hrs.]

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Well Right after this quest was over another new mission comes up! This time no where to go with the ship, but train! Yup Your train! Rusty will ask you to send train 10 times to your friends to distribute the goods the gathered by travelling around the world!

Now a real Quick from me: Just send your train to Samantha Ville on a 5 mins trip; thus you are buying 25 goods spending 62 coins! Fair enough i guess. If you follow this, this mission will take only 50 minutes to complete.

Here another tip: if you are planning to sell goods to Samantha Ville! then you have to make sure that you have enough goods (25X10=250 goods). So according to me buying goods is a better option.

Completing this mission unlock Red Lighthouse!

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