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CityVille State Fair Mission 2: Animal Farm (Tutorial)

Hi all! Today i am here to discuss about the 2nd part of State Fair quest! Just after I have finished my "State Fair Pitch" i have another quest up for grabs!

They call it Animal Farm! Personally i don't like this mission as we have to complete collectible items as well as have to buy Expo Tent!

Here is how you can complete this quest...

You have to collect an EXPO Tent, 2 Gray Hens & a White Chicken!

You can buy the Expo Tent from decorations tab by spending 9000 coins (it has 11% payout)

Gray Hens: Open your Collections menu & find you FAST FOOD Collection, now you have to collect all 5 items & redeem it to grab a Gray Hen...just repeat this steps for the second time to grab the second Gray Hen!

Now the Last part! White Chicken! I have seen many of my friends asking for it, they don't know how to get once, but it's very simple! Just go to collections followed by Wheat Collection and ask all items of it from your friends through wishlist...they you have all 5, redeem it and there you go...

Completing this goal will unlock Carousel...which is the key item for your next State Fair Mission (State Fair Snacks)

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Anonymous said...

i just completed the animal farm goal but it doesn't unlock the carousel.

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