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CityVille State Fair Pitch mission of City ville

Yo Yo! City Mayors! I am back!

Today i am here to give you an exiting quest information. I am sure you would love this mission (quest), Since childhood i just love Fairs, and the next mission is just that.

In this mission Governor Phil you about the upcoming lucrative event! Now you have to show Phil that you can earn enough & have enough money to host the major event. In this quest you have to collect 30 times from your Houses & 30 times from your Businesses.

It's not much long & tough quest; but depends on the number of houses & businesses you have! More of them, more quickly you can finish this thing. It just needs your valuable energies, no money you have to spend but yeh! you need lots of goods! for that you have to spend few hundred coins for sure...(QUICK TIP: Plant Strawberry; it costs you 20 coins & gives you 15 goods in just 5 minutes)

Hope you will finish this real soon! Meanwhile if you have any problem, ask me as comment, share this article on Facebook & Twitter. if you thinks its helpful enough.

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