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CityVille Ms Ruth's Quest:Central Park 2 (Picnic Tables)

Hi all! This mission Is called "Picnic Tables"

It's just the continuation of the mission Central Park, as i have discussed earlier. Here Ms Ruth informed you to build a picnic hot-spot for your citizens. Now the quest is simple enough & you should complete this in few minutes!

Here is how! The mission is divided into two quests such as:

#1) Place 5 Picnic tables.
#2) Place 1 Arboretum.

You can simply go to your build meny followed by decorations tab to buy picnic tables...

Now the expenditure part: Picnic table cost @ 75 (total cost 75X5=375 coins)
& 1 Arboretum costs you 4,000 coins.

Sigh! its too much for that Arboretum for me. Ohh! by the way this mission unlock Park Plaza (you need this for your next mission).

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