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CityVille State Fair Mission 4: State Fair Carousel (Tutorial)

This is the fourth edition (After State Fair Snacks) of State Fair
Mission: City Ville names it Fair Carousel.

Now this mission is little tricky! As you have to buy a Carousel as well as increase your city's population to 2500. Well City Ville game designers are very cleaver, they knew very well that this quest requires long time to complete. WHY? Read below...

The cost of the Carousel is 25,000 coins!!! (You you kidding me huh!), the only good news is its under Community Building & ultimately increases your population by 700 citizens.

Ya after you placed the carousel on your city you need 5 more items to finish it. Ribbon, Gold Plating, Building Grant, City Seal & Marble. If you have those, Click Finish Building.

The second part is even more tougher, here you have to increase your population cap to 2500, when i had to start this i had only 1800+ population, so i had to work really hard on this, you need to place houses, for that you need empty spaces, for that you need expansion. As we all know it costs 20000 coins plus 5 zonal permits.

The only thing i can assure you is it will take long time to complete...(quick Tip: Buy Brownstone Houses (costing 2500, citizen increase 70). If you have any other good idea, share it as comment.
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