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CityVille: Phil's Quest: Build City Fund! (Become The Capital City)

If you have done your State Fair Carousel Quest then you are almost their (Become the Capital City of your State. Now on this mission Governor Phil informed you that you are on Right Track to be the Capital City. To achieve it the next thing you have to achieve is Financial Strength.

On this mission you have to complete 3: goals:

#1) Collect from Business 50 times.
#2) Collect from Houses 50 times.
#3) Ask 8 friends to send Capital Endorsements.

Now If you have enough Houses & businesses then you don't need to worry! The only thing is needed from Friend is Capital Endorsements. This Last Capital Endorsements is depends on your friends! You just need The right approach to ask from your friend, Ask your friends with a small note (We often ignore normal wall publications, so just a small note attract your friends attention towards it, I'm saying this from my own experience).

It took me an hour to complete this task! You just need to avoid large number goods consuming Businesses (it consumes more goods, which will take more time to collect coins & requires more energies [also coins]). Remember your goal is to collect 50 times from businesses not making coins from this task. You need lots of energies to complete this task (50+50 energies to collect coins); more from harvesting goods. I personally bought goods through San Fran ships (5 mins.) & Plant Strawberry (5mins). This is possibly the shortest way to achieve this goals, One more Quick Tip is you can visit your neighbors & harvest their crops to earn goods without spending your valuable energies.

If you have any better strategies then share with us.
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Anonymous said...

how can friends send capital endorsements? I do not see them under gifts. what are they exactly?

Admin said...

To Complete the task where you need Capital Endorsements, you have to ask Capital Endorsements from your friends, they can only send this thing, from the WALL link, it's not available on your gift page.

Anonymous said...

I've sent links to friends, but even when they send the endorsement, they get a message stating that you've received 50 coins from "me", but I don't get any endorsement, I've tried this several times... The system is shitty...

Admin said...

system is still in BETA, so you can expect bugs, by the way the endorsement directly goes to your inventory....guess you checked that.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I had checked the Inventory - it was empty.
Now I checked again and confirmed with 4 friends who clicked on the links on their walls and I have 1 endorsement, however, I can't see this in the inventory, but when I click the left side goal to complete it shows 1/8.
From what I know about Zynga - system is always in Beta ;)

Admin said...

Well i know that too...go to zynga-cityville forum to report this issue. Thanks for visiting. Share this site to all your friends.

Anonymous said...

I'm having the same problem - I even logged into another account and send myself an endorsement, and it didn't show up. I've been stuck at 4/8 endorsements for days.

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