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CityVille Baseball: Build the Sports Team (Tutorial)

Hi all! I am back! This time with a new series: Baseball Team Creation.

Yup Its possibly the best entertaining game of USA (or North America!), Now its here in City Ville as well!

The Coach Jack is here to help the sports lover to cherish once more!

The first quest of the series is "Sports Team!"

Here is the mission details: (For me its really sucks! too long to finish & too much expensive)

#1) Build a Batting Cage.
#2) Build 4 Colonial Chalets
#3) Collect rent from Colonial Chalets 16 times.

To build a Batting Cage you need your 12,000 coins, Each Colonial Chalets is costing 10,000 coins. Now the target is 4 Colonial Chalets, but if you have enough coins you can buy more then 4 to finish the last quest faster (collect rent 16 times...)

So the total cost of this quest is 12000+10000x4=40000 = 54,000 Coins. Plus if you build only 5 Colonial Chalets then you have to wait up to 2 days to finish this thing.

Have your say as comment, do you think this is a good quest?
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