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CityVille Unreleased Items of CityVille Game #3 (Zynga)

Zynga CityVille Sneak Peek #3

Hey all guys! This is our Third installment of Zynga CityVille Sneak Peek. I have 3 fantastic new releases to share.

see #1 here. & #2 (Beach Town!)

CityVille Prison:

As you can see soon your city will have a City Prison, this is possibly one of the new goal/quest of cityville. Its a nice blue building with metal barricades. This is to keep your city a crime free city.

Baseball Park/Stadium:

As you can see the new baseball park is one of the 3 new unreleased buildings, If you reaches above Level 45, then you may know about the Team Building Quest from CityVille. Possibly this is the continuation part of that. If you are from North America then you know well about the craze of BASEBALL, so a small baseball field is not enough (which you need to build that in a quest). From the picture we can see its a big stadium with much more sitting capacity. The possible name of the park is 'Z PARK'.

Bus Station:

As you can see this is a bus
terminus. Zynga calls it 'City Bus'. This is going to be an important inculcation to the game, as we have seen bus tour often, so where they come from? possibly from this building.

You just have to wait few more days to start building theses buildings.
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Image Credit: Cityville info


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