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CityVille How to build Zynga Gazette Office (Tutorial)

Love me or Hate me, I will entertain You! Possibly this is Zynga's motto for
zynga gazette
CityVille. The fastest growing online game of the world now has more than 100 million monthly users.

If you reached level 60 already, then there are no where to go...Zynga CV Team is working hard to launch new levels soon. till then to keep you busy, they launched few new building, businesses etc.

Zynga Gazette is the integral part of the game with every new milestone you achieve they publish that on ZG.

Couple of days back they have launched a new Community Building called Zynga Gazette.

You can buy the Zynga Gazette from your Community Building tab for 18,000 coins. Then you need 7 clicks (energies) to complete the building part. Now as you know Community Buildings need staffs, no exception here also. You need 10 staffs (fill up with yore friends) to complete this building. This building increases you population cap by 450 citizens.

pictures of zynga gazette & hoe to complete the task
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